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About Semitec Consulting

Semitec Consulting now consists of a small team of complementary, experienced senior business development, marketing and sales professionals covering the India market for Domestic Enterprises and MNCs.

When you want advice and help that is relevant to your business needs, you need someone who you can trust and has empathy with you and your business. In today’s extremely competitive and challenging market place, you require a business consultant who gives you advice you can understand and provides help that is practically focused on your business needs.

We understand the challenges you face when looking for business help. When it comes to helping you to develop and execute marketing and business projects and strategies to find, win and retain customers, we can help get the results you want. We have the skills and experience to help you on a flexible basis to suit your budget. From small business / startup needs through to corporate private and public enterprises business level help, we offer a breadth and mix of business development experience that is practical and cost effective.

We work with our clients in various areas
Business Advice
We can help you with business consultancy; helping you look at your business and discover its development needs and help you overcome or answer any development issues you may have.
Marketing Advice
We can help you look at your target market, develop marketing strategies, plans and implementation plans as well as help you look at the marketing tactics and tools that are most suited to your marketing and business development needs.
Practical Hands-on Help and Implementation
If you need help facilitating a meeting, implementing a business plan, training a sales or business development team, then we can help. You may be looking for someone to work with you in your business one or two days a week on a part time basis, help you drive your business forward. We can help you with that too.