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Consulting Services
Over the years we have worked with many companies and organizations and have developed the knowledge and practical experience and skills to help with such needs. You might want us to help you solve a particular problem or you might have a gap in your business organization that you want us to fill for you.
Our consultancy solutions fall into following areas:

Business Problem(s)

We look at the business problems you face and we fix them for you. You might want us to help you with pricing, or marketing, or perhaps you would like advice on how to set up and manage an in-house telesales/inside sales team. You might need our help in planning for the future, and so we can help you look at your strategy, or with your succession plans.

Whatever your business issue is, we have probably seen it somewhere else before and can help based on the experience. Call us, to discuss how we can help you.

Ongoing Advice

Who you should be targeting? Once identified what tools you need to use to get them to notice you? On-going advice can be delivered either face to face or on a phone based 'distance' form. Some of our clients use us to fill important gaps in their team. They tell us they wished they had a Sales Director or a Business Development Director. They get great benefits from this at a nominal cost.

Find the Right Customers

Our clients may like to have access to our advice on an ongoing basis. We specialize in improving business profits, developing new revenue streams, explore new geographies. Therefore our consulting fees are paid for by the extra profits or business efficiency we create.

Development of Business and Implementation Plans

How does your business fit into your customers’need/business? How can you help satisfy their needs? Why should your customers buy from you? What is that you need to do to make them buy from you rather than their competitors?

Knowing why your customers should ultimately be buying from you will enable you to position your business so that you become the most effective choice for your chosen audience.

Helping You Achieve the Business Goals

As your business development partner, we will work closely with you to look at everything from new business development to account management, as well as suggest different ways of doing things. If you always do the same things you're always going to get the same results. If these results are fantastic, then great, if not, we can suggest new ways forward.