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Services We Offer

  Go-To-Market Strategy
  India Entry Strategy
  Startup (New Start) Strategy
  Hand-on Implementation
  Sales Training
Go-To-Market Strategy

We understand the challenges you face when looking for business help. When it comes to helping you to develop and execute marketing and business projects and strategies to find, win and retain customers, we can help get the results you would expect. We have the skills and experience to help you on a flexible basis to suit your budget. From small business / startup needs through to corporate private and public enterprises business level help, we offer a breadth and mix of business development experience that is practical and cost effective.

  Opening of new markets and creating new revenue streams
  Building a healthy pipeline of qualified, potential prospects
  New business development, account management (cross-sell, up-sell)
  On-going business development support
  Building the direct sales team, inside sales, channel partners and service providers
  Getting reference customers
India Entry Strategy

India is finding favor with most multinational companies from across the globe, mainly due to its growing middle class and young population which enjoys a significantly high disposable income. Businesses in India are seeing consistent growth, which throws up opportunities for overseas software and IT companies that have products and services that could help to manage such growth.

Most companies think that strategies that worked in developed markets can be easily replicated in emerging markets like India. But the fact is that, most companies that enter India market lack the required knowledge of operating in these markets and when they try to replicate their experience in other countries, many cases, they fail and incur heavy operation cost.

  Opportunities for companies that have products and services that could help to manage business growth for SMBs in India
  Target market profiling, identifying addressable market size, competition analysis
  Acquire the first set of reference customers
  Building the business plan
  Developing the go-to-market & channel strategies
  Putting in place the india team and channel partners
  Screening and appointing service providers
  Setting in place operational processes

Every business needs the help at some point of time and especially when you've just started out your own. There is a good possibility of you seeking help with Marketing and Business Plans. We help clients put together their business plans and then help implement them. We help clients develop strategy that will help them focus on their business needs, focus on their business objectives and execute effective marketing campaign/programs.

We carry out suitable research into potential markets, competitors and strategies to provide our clients with the information they would require in order to make informed, successful and practical business decisions.

  To help young enterprises (startups) with their product strategy
  Establish the product-to-market fit
  Take products to market faster while reducing the monthly burn out. Reduce risks at each stage of the product launch.
  Help build a comprehensive plan to take the products/services to identified market
  Help with getting new business or creating healthy sales pipeline
  Getting reference customers
Hands-on Implementation Services

Some of our clients could use us to fill important gaps in their team. It may be they have a new project to launch or territory to explore, a skills gap or simply need some director level staff on a temporary basis to help them manage. Our clients benefit from this service as they get business development director level help at a fraction of the cost of employing someone as FTE. As interim project director we can work along with your current team and as outsourced professionals we can help bring an external supervision so that you could focus on your business.

   Bring an external supervision to focus on your business
   Work with senior management and plan for 1-2 quarters targeted activities (one time or on-going)
   Work on identified territory, database, service offering and given pitch
   Need help with Inside sales team, setting up or managing it, or even with their results improving
   Help identify gaps in day to day sales process and share inputs to bring efficiency
Sales Training

If you need help training a sales or business development team, then we can help mentor the team on the ground and help bring efficiency and guide in the sales process.

   Basic selling skills
   Soft skills
   Not a class room training, but hands-on during cold calling, inside sales, presentation, customer meetings, closing deal etc.
   Get effective within a few days into their sales job
   Mentoring inside sales team
   Help identify gaps in day to day sales process and share inputs to bring efficiency