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Every business needs the help at some point of time and especially when you've just started out your own. There is a good possibility of you seeking help with getting new business or creating healthy sales pipeline. Over many years working as a business development professional, in India and North America, I have helped many companies grow and develop business by helping them with a range of marketing and business development activities.

Marketing and Business Plans

We help clients put together their business plans and then help implement them. We help clients develop strategy that will help them focus on their business needs, focus on their business objectives and execute effective marketing campaign/programs.

Market Research

We carry out suitable research into potential markets, competitors and strategies to provide our clients with the information they would require in order to make informed, successful and practical business decisions.

Consultant Needs

Need someone to help you with new ideas or to provide experienced inputs? We help clients by providing them with practical knowledge when they need it, be it once a week, few days a month or ad-hoc in their office, all at a reasonable fee

  To help young enterprises (Startups) with their product strategy
  Establish the product-to-market fit
  Take products to market faster while reducing the monthly burn out. Reduce risks at each stage of the product launch.
  Help build a comprehensive plan to take the products/services to identified market
  Help with getting new business or creating healthy sales pipeline
  Getting reference customers